Cute animals videos are good for you!

Pretending to work or study, but secretly looking at cute animal videos, are we?

Well, now you can ditch that guilt for good because I have the Best. News. EVER!

It’s official: Looking at photos of cute animals makes you happy and can even improve your concentration and dexterity.

Oh the relief! I can feel your guilt slipping away already.

All those times you’ve been distracted by adorable baby animal photos, dog compilations and funny cat videos, and realised that an entire hour has passed and you have achieved nothing – feel guilty no more!

In a study scientists discovered that concentration, dexterity and general happiness were improved after viewing cute animal images. We already knew they made us smile, of course, but now we have concrete evidence it benefits us.

So before you get back to work/study, why not fuel up your brain with these adorable images:

1) Monty and Archie are rats who were rescued from a laboratory and are slowly learning to trust humans again. They now live at the NZAVS office in Christchurch. Millions of animals suffer in laboratories every day. You can help end animal experiments by choosing cruelty-free products with the SAFE Shopper App.


2) “Little Squeak” the rescued piggy now lives a happy life at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia. Factory-farmed pigs live a life of hell, but Little Squeak is one of the lucky ones.  Read her story here.


3) “Dudley” the calf was saved from slaughter and given a new prosthetic leg and a new life, thanks to the wonderful people at The Gentle Barn sanctuary in Tennessee, where he is now the main attraction! Read more about Dudley’s story here.

Sadly, millions of New Zealand bobby calves aren’t so lucky.


4) KITTENS! Quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet!  Right now there are so many kittens in desperate need of homes. Remember: desex your pets and adopt, don’t shop.


5) Cute couple alert! Penny the fluffy chicken and Roo the chihuahua make an unlikely couple! Watch their remarkable story here.


6) Horses are sweet, gentle and peaceful creatures. They do not deserve to be used for profit in the racing industry and tormented for entertainment at the rodeo. YOU can help put an end to rodeo in New Zealand by emailing sponsors.


7) Meet Sparky! This adorable calf was left to die in a ditch after becoming entangled in an electric fence. He has well and truly landed on his feet after being rescued by kind people and he now lives happily at Matakana Animal Sanctuary. Sparky is one of the lucky ones. Sadly, two million bobby calves are killed every year as a result of the dairy industry. Find out how you can help here.

sparkySo now you know that cute animals are good for you and can improve your work, but you still might need to convince the boss!

Laura Gentle, Volunteer Coordinator


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