SAFE’s April Fool’s Day Decoy Duck a Hit

Well, in case anyone caught yesterday’s article about the ducks with jackets, you will probably have guessed by now that it was an April Fool’s joke at the expense of unsuspecting recreational shooters. We took a few potshots by leaving messages on hunting forums in the morning. To be fair, many noticed the date pretty early on but by the afternoon several of them had taken the decoy. There were a few great comments:

“typical greenie arrogance thinking they can out camo natures best”duckdisguise-3

“Hmmmm….let me imagine this in reality(?)……a flying DPM ‘thing’ against the blue/grey sky…..yep, that will work”

“if u can give me just 1 sensible alternative to keep this introduced species numbers in check I’ll stop duck shooting”

Just for the record, we are definitely not making jackets for ducks, but hey: we are always working on innovative ideas to combat cruelty, so watch this space!

All jokes aside though, duck shooting season means thousands of ducks being shot and injured every year on our waterways.

Some of the issues

Ducks are not listed as pests by the Department of Conservation! Did you know every year hunters are careful to conserve numbers so they have ducks to kill the following season? In 2014 shooters were told to reduce their ‘bag limits’! What is it really about? Sadly: fun. The opening weekend of the duck hunting season (this year 2nd May) sees thousands of people go out on our waterways with their friends, to blast wildlife out of the skies.

Hunting HURTS Conservative estimates from overseas say that along with ducks being killed, there is an estimated wounding rate of 25% (figures reached by combining the reports of hunters and trained observers). This means that, in New Zealand, up to 250,000 ducks may be left to die a lingering, painful death.

Lead shot loopholes Lead shot slowly poisons any birds that eat it, including native waterfowl who mistake the pellets for grit. The use of lead shot is banned, but only in 10 or 12-gauge shotguns so for others (for example 16, 20 and 28-gauge shotguns) a loophole allows lead shot to be used. Sales of these other shotguns are believed to have gone up in New Zealand so hunters can continue to use lead.

You can help SAFE with the very not funny cruelty of duck shooting. Take Action now.

Mandy Carter, Head of Campaigns


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