Rodeo ‘Family Values’


Promoters and pro-rodeo people like to tout rodeo as ‘a great day out for the whole family,’ with a fun, community atmosphere. Some even describe it part of a ‘wholesome tradition’ and promoting ‘positive values.’

We’ve long argued that rodeo encourages kids to take part in violence, to see it as fun or “cool” to torment innocent animals. SAFE believes strongly in communities embracing positive events that enhance community spirit, not ones that teach people, especially impressionable children, that animals are there for our amusement and to abuse.

However, of course there are a few people in New Zealand that still support rodeo, believing that it’s not harmful to animals and it’s just a fun pastime. It is not. A recent bull-riding event in Christchurch was a prime example. The organisers claimed that the animals were looked after better than children and even proudly stated: “We have one ambulance for thousands of spectators and one for 22 bulls.” Well, the ambulance was not required, instead a hearse had to be called after one bull was so badly injured he had to be euthanised.

When SAFE speaks out against this cruelty, rodeo supporters are always happy to share their well thought-out arguments with us. I’ll leave you with a selection from those with ‘family values’.

Grant D – All yup safe c**** are messed what about the ones on your table they’ve obviously died these bulls get looked after pretty dam good this country is f***** if tools like you get a hold of it

Fari-Luke P – Omg go f*** yourselves

Chris R – What a load of bullshit safe ye r the biggest worst of time every ye didn’t have a f****** clue what’s going on how about ye go and stop dog fights r would that just be to much work for ye stupid c****

Richard S – you are just a bunch of idots you are all shit behind your computer came face to face with it and you dropnuts like the coweds you are Grow up and stop eating anermail if you think you are so hight and mitey you are the resalt of PC pearting and have no moral compiss and think becouse you dont like something we all suffer becouse you say so well kiss my ass

Trevor F – Hope the bull that asulted the other one was arested and charged.then the fine could be donated to SAFE.what a bunch of dumb c****.

Duane D – Tortured u say. Bahaha r u sure mate? Duznt sound like you know 2 5ths of fukal. If u dont like shit dont let it get to u. Stay away from it. In my eyes people shouldnt let shit thats been going on for ages get to them so az iz sayn if u dont like it stay away from it instead of guessing shit or makeing asumpshions u dont even know what your talking about.clairly. hava fannytastic day.

Cody W – get the f*** out of here you do gooding homosexual you better ban horse racing as more horses die every day doing what they do

Gorjah K – F****** bullshit !!!fuk SAFE u pack of idiots #Rodeoallday!! Cowboy up yeeeh haaa !!

Help us get a ban on the blatant cruelty of rodeo by sending an e-card to the Minister of Primary Industries.

Mandy Carter, head of campaigns



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Is English not their first language?
    Had to read them all numerous times just to get the gist of of what they were writing.

  2. This is almost hilarious if it wasn’t so concerning. The people leaving comments above that support rodeos seem disconnected with reality and essentially themselves. Why are they so uncompassionate? How do they engage with their families?? And most importantly the way they debate (and I use the term loosely) is neigh on abuse! If this is a sign of our social climate we should be very worried. Ban all rodeos now.

  3. deb says:

    It is intriguing to read SAFES arguments in relation to animal cruelty and how this relates to rodeo and specifically the perception that these animals while apart of practiceso circut are both undervalued and disrespected.
    As an observer of the rodeo circut for the last 4years I have yet to see any animal cruelty in fact it would be fair to say that what I have observed the opposite to the claims of those of SAFE.
    As a society we are continually faced with animal cruelty from other sectors -society (and animals )would be better educated if they adopted some of the attitudes and practices of the rodeo circuit.
    AS a sideline fact -I personally don’t know any of the pro-supporters statements, but while they’re statements might sound abrupt I can guarantee you that they are trustworthy honest people who wouldn’t hesitate to give help if and when required. …..

  4. Debs, you say “statements might seem abrupt”. I say they are the abusive rantings, littered with foul language and inaccuracies from a bunch of ill educated yokels.
    I have no doubt that rodeo animals are well cared for and respected between rodeos, it is what happens to them AT the rodeos that concerns people with feelings of empathy towards these unfortunate creatures.
    The world and decent society have moved on from the archaic days of yore, you need to get with the program.

  5. Reno Hoe says:

    The statements that SAFE has posted from the so-called “rodeo people” are absurd and uneducated guffle. Luckily none of the names above are from the rodeo community, as SAFE would like you all to believe. And , Steve, you really think the world has moved on, not, with whats going on in most parts of the world, tyranny and genocide and religious cleansing, and Green Peace vandalizing ancient protected site in Peru. I hope the Peruvian Govt charge Green Peace with the damage they have caused.

    1. SAFE says:

      Hi Reno, actually every single comment was from the rodeo community posting on SAFE’s Facebook page.

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