A Christmas for the Animals…


Still a few more weeks to Christmas but the malls are already full with mostly stressed looking people, desperate for bargains but mostly desperate for inspiration. What to buy for Uncle Jim, who already has everything? Will Mum even like this perfume? How long is it going to take me to get out of this bloody car park? You gdog-santa-hat-1et it; Christmas is not a lot of fun for many people. It isn’t for animals, either. Did that expensive ham come from a factory-farmed pig? How did that big, fat turkey or chicken live? Is the chicken one of those crippled, obese baby birds out of an overcrowded shed? You get my point. Luckily, I’ve got a few great solutions that will make shopping for the festive season a breeze and will make the animals just a bit happier as well!

First of all, avoid the malls! The stress just isn’t worth it. Then make some life-saving decisions: go for a kill-free Christmas. You can find delicious cruelty-free Christmas recipes right here. That’s dinner taken care of. Now it’s time to sort out the presents. Nothing could be easier, and best of all you can do it from the comfort of your chair. Go to the cruelty free shop for a great range of animal-friendly products ranging from health and beauty products, to clothing and accessories, to a huge range of tasty treats. Still can’t make up your mind? They also have gift vouchers, plus sell SAFE’s campaign gear like Stop Factory Farming t-shirts. Or do something really different by gifting a sponsorship of a rescued animal at a sanctuary. Support a chicken or a pig or, if you want something fancy, they may even have a llama! Then the recipient of the gift can visit, become a volunteer and help look after the animals. You would be surprised how much fun it is to scoop the poop of an animal you helped rescue! Here are some sanctuaries that deserve your support: HUHA and Black Sheep and Animal Sanctuary.

If you still want to go out to look for beauty products, first check out SAFEshopper for products that have not been tested on animals. You can also download the new SAFEshopper phone app for free so that you always have this information at hand. Another easy way to help animals is by gifting a SAFE#-sidepics_0 membership. At just $40, there is no better way to spread the message! Just visit our website.

And if you have a few hours to spare you could also help SAFE help animals by volunteering during our annual appeal on 19-20 December!

Compassion and kindness are supposed to be the cornerstone of Christmas but this is easily forgotten when you shop till you drop. So this year, take the stress out of Christmas and help animals at the same time. Santa will be proud!

Hans Kriek, Executive Director


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