Nine things they don’t want you to know about factory farming

Anyone who cares about animals believes factory farming is wrong.  Industries, however, have a vested interest in keeping us in the dark and will do anything to hide what’s going on.

Here are nine very important things they don’t want you to know about factory farming. Please share.

1)  Factory farming is the number one animal welfare issue in New Zealand. 100 million animals suffer every year.

Stop Factory Farming campaign







2) Factory farming is technically illegal. Under the Animal Welfare Act animals must be able to express their normal behaviours, which they can’t do in factory farms.  Industries get around this by using loopholes.

Sad pig3) NZ Animal welfare guidelines are prepared by industries. Specific guidelines for individual animal species are set out in the Codes of Welfare, but did you know that NAWAC (the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee) allows industries profiting from animal use to prepare the draft codes of welfare?

This means the pig code of welfare for instance, still allows farrowing crates specifically because the pork industry want to use them – not because they’re in the best interests of the animals!

A cage is a cage!
A cage is a cage!



4) New colony cages will not stop the suffering of laying hens. Colony cages are essentially modified battery cages – still cruel and unacceptable with each bird only having slightly more floor space than an A4 piece of paper. Colony cages are simply a marketing ploy.

5) Animals suffer mentally as well as physically in intensive confinement. Being confined to crates breeds loneliness, and deprivation and can often cause mother pigs to go insane. This is shown in repetitive behaviours such as neurotic chewing on cage bars.

6) Pigs are really clever. Studies have shown that pigs can work out complex puzzles and are in the top five most intelligent animals – alongside dolphins and chimps. They’re cleverer than a pet dog – and a three-year-old child.

7) Other countries are moving away from intensive farming. Factory farming methods are being BANNED throughout the world.

8) Factory farming hurts “clean, green NZ”, too. Animal welfare is not the only issue raised by factory farming; it causes damage to our environment, too.

Totally against fact farm9) YOU can make a difference. YOU can set the rules, not those with a vested interest in cruelty!

It can start by all of us simply refusing to buy factory-farmed products, and it will end with a toppled cruel industry.

Check out our TV ad at and please share these facts with your friends and family.

Find out more ways you can help.

Mandy Carter, Head of Campaigns



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  1. liamgreen5426 says:

    Factory Farming needs to be stopped!!! I am a volunteer of SAFE and I have created a website to help spread the word 🙂

  2. Thanks in support of sharing such a pleasant opinion, piece of writing is pleasant,
    thats why i have read it entirely

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