Would you like shit with that?

As if animal welfare issues alone (stress, depression, pain, confinement to name just a few) were not a big enough reason to Go Veg, the latest issue of Metro magazine certainly gives some sobering food for thought for New Zealand consumers.

The revelations include:

  • seven shipments of New Zealand meat have been rejected by the US since 2012 for having faecal contamination (excrement, or as quoted by Metro ‘shit on the meat’.)
  • Meat companies have been allowed to make their own inspections for things like faecal contamination which it seems may lead to slack standards. They are even given financial incentives not to slow down production by identifying contaminated meat.
  • Poorly trained company-employed inspectors are unable to do the job properly, leading to numerous incidences of diseases and defects being missed.
  • Government inspectors are being pressured not to raise their concerns.

burger2[1]Contamination a big issue

Max Rashbrooke’s investigation states “Shit is a huge problem in processing plants. Often, when the animals are being butchered, the large intestine is nicked or burst, spreading shit across the rest of the carcass, and there are numerous other ways — and forms — in which the contamination can occur.”

Max even quotes a former meat inspector of 47 years as saying “In some cases it will be chunks of shit. It would range from faecal pellets in the anal cavity to globs of shit, smears…”

As well as being quite stomach churning, Metro reports that the consequences of contamination are harbouring of serious bugs such as salmonella, campylobacter and e. coli.

Shady processes

It’s nothing new that the meat industry has some suspect practices that most consumers wouldn’t be aware of.

Last year a new Government study revealed some horrifying consequences of raising chickens for meat in New Zealand, reporting that two thirds of birds have leg problems by the time they are slaughtered – in some cases meaning they are unable to walk at all. So, it’s highly likely that chicken purchased in the supermarket could have been lame.

The thought of eating excrement is pretty disgusting, but let’s not forget the most important aspect of all this: animal welfare. With shit on meat, environmental affects and cruel factory farming practices on the increase, isn’t it time you considered going veg?

Mandy Carter, Campaign Manager


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