Should food come with an ethical warning?

Alcohol comes with warning labels, as do cigarettes, now a leading philosopher has suggested meat and dairy should too.

Thomas Wells poses that “meat and dairy packaging should include no nonsense factual warnings about the negative consequences of one’s consumption choices.”

Would accurate labelling sway you?

Setting aside human health concerns (which are numerous), this is definitely an idea I could get behind. Freedom of choice means knowing the implications of those choices – and not just from the manufacturers who want you to buy their products. It’s all too easy for anyone to pick up a pork chop in the supermarket, or a pack of eggs without thinking about exactly where they came from and what kind   of life those animals had.

If caged hen eggs came with a label “These eggs were produced from hens kept confined ALL their life” or the warning on a chicken carcass stated “I was lame and diseased before I died” (yes, it’s probably true) then more of us would shop consciously and leave behind those products most cruelly produced.crueleggs_FB1

Maybe it could even go a step further and say on milk packaging “My name is Daisy. The milk in this carton was meant for my calf who was taken away from me at birth and killed.” Sound a bit extreme? Sadly, it’s the reality of dairy.

100 million animals are factory farmed in New Zealand every year. They suffer EVERY DAY of their lives. Now the government is looking to allow this to increase even more with factory farming for cows. We need more awareness, more thought and we need more action.

Until ethical labelling happens, we have to make sure we don’t fall for it.  Help SAFE stop factory farming.

Mandy Carter, Campaign manager


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadine Gray says:

    Ethical warnings are welcomed, especially when packaging depicting pictures of cartoon hay barns green grass, fresh air, and chickens running around is FALSE ADVERTISING and DELIBERATELY MISLEADING….you’d have to agree…Farmer Brown?

  2. sacha says:

    I would really love to see ethical labels on food, I really hope this happens. i only buy free farmed meat and no milk

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