31 ways to stop factory farming

In terms of cruelty and the sheer number of animals involved, factory farming is the number one animal welfare issue in New Zealand. Animals in intensive farming systems suffer every day of their lives – over 100 million of them per year. It continues because we are kept in the dark: we don’t see what’s happening to the animals.


New Zealand’s Stop Factory Farming month Don’t be in the dark started on the 1st of this month with the objective of breaking down the walls of secrecy that hide factory-farming practices such as battery cages and pig crates. Factory farming systems can only exist while they remain hidden.

It is especially urgent to highlight how each of us can make a real difference by simply not supporting factory farming as consumers and spreading the word to friends and family. Can you help get information out there and get your community involved?

August has 31 days in the month – so here’s 31 ideas for what you can do to help bring about the end of factory farming.

Enter the photo competition – get the word out! Wear a Stop Factory Farming badge or tshirt in public doing something ordinary, or extraordinary, or just find a way to spread the message and share it online.

Did you know 88% of eggs come from caged hens? Tell 5 friends and remind them not to buy cage eggs. 

Give someone a Stop Factory Farming bag as a gift – handy, looks good and spreads the word! (Just $5 at the Cruelty Free Shop!)

Not sure what the labels on your eggs mean? With misleading packaging and no mandatory standards no wonder! Share SAFE’s guide to the mysteries of egg labels.

FiveMike King on farm
When Mike King got involved in the Love Pigs campaign in 2009 he helped SAFE help pigs and this resulted in a phase out of the sow crate. Success!

Yet there is still a long way to go to get a fair deal for pigs – in April shocking footage was released showing poor conditions on a New Zealand pig farm. Watch and share with your friends and family. 

Did you know chickens live just 5-6 weeks and grow abnormally fast? Tell two work colleagues and suggest they give up chicken.

Imagine a world without factory farming. Share SAFE’s powerful TV ad.

Talk to the manager of your favourite café and ask them to phase out factory-farmed products, that is, if they haven’t already. If they have say congrats!

Stop colony cages for egg production – send an e-card to David Shearer, Leader of the Opposition now. The National Government had the opportunity to end the cruel confinement of hens but failed to do so. This is why Labour’s stance on colony cages is so important.Stop Factory Farming pigs!

While sow crates are being phased out there is the continued pig cruelty of farrowing crates for mother pigs. Share SAFE’s infographic about what you can do about it.

Nearly 10,000 chickens die every day just from health problems in meat production systems. Share SAFE’s infographic about intensive chicken cruelty and what you can do.

Grab a Stop Factory Farming t-shirt for yourself and a friend (2 for the price of 1 for the month of August!), and wear it with pride. Take a photo and enter the competition!


Show your support – change your Facebook profile pic to the Stop Factory Farming logo.

Do a spot check on the things in your cupboard that may contain egg/pork/chicken ingredients – do they contain factory-farmed products? Help stop factory farming at home by reading the back of packets!

Stop Factory Farming





Use a Stop Factory Farming bumper sticker – take a photo in public and enter the competition!

Get the latest updates on SAFE’s work and what you can do to help animals: sign up to SAFE’s e-bulletin.

The common perception of farming in New Zealand is of rolling green hills dotted with sheep and cows. Unfortunately the largest number of farmed animals suffer in intensive factory farming systems. Watch this powerful 8-minute video and share with friends.

EighteenTotally against fact farm
Invite your friends to like SAFE’s Facebook page – the more the SAFE community grows the more we can spread the word to help animals.

Put up a Stop Factory Farming poster in your community – download now.

Wear a Stop Factory Farming badge – take a photo in public and enter the competition!

Chicken raised for meat
Watch and share the sad reality of how chickens live and die in New Zealand. Boycott chicken – there’s no good news, even with so-called free range.
Join us and give animals a voice – become a financial supporter of SAFE! SAFE started the campaign to end battery cages back in 1987 and relies entirely on people such as you to speak up for animals.

Where did the sausages at your staff BBQ come from? Does your workplace unwittingly support factory farms? There’s no excuse! Encourage your work to help stop factory farming.

Share SAFE’s infographic about caged hen cruelty and what you can do.


Factory farming could be allowed to continue indefinitely under proposed amendments to the Animal Welfare Act – email your local MP now with the an e-card asking them to support tougher animal welfare regulations.

Support the businesses in your area that have removed factory-farming products from their shelves, or promote veg products.

A cage is a cage

Colony cage systems are the newly introduced battery cage – watch and share ‘a cage is a cage’. You can also see for yourself real footage of a New Zealand colony battery cage system.

Did you know all fresh salmon sold in New Zealand come from factory farms? Ask your friends to avoid eating fresh salmon. 

Cheap eggs
Does your local supermarket sell cage eggs? Email the manager and ask them to ensure proper labelling and to consider moving away from selling cage eggs.

Boycott factory farmed bacon – or actually just give bacon up altogether, as processed meat is really very bad for you anyway.

Do you follow a celebrity chef who uses animal products in their recipes but doesn’t specify where they came from? Remind them to never support factory farming, and congratulate them when they highlight animal welfare themselves.

As a final word, whilst factory farming represents extreme suffering, there is no such thing as a ‘humane slaughter’. The simplest way to help animals is by not eating them. Take the 30-day Go Veg pledge and try it for yourself!

Eliot Pryor
Campaign Director


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